Meal delivery service Habit combines DNA profiling with nutritional recommendations their aim is to change the way we eat food forever. An exciting prospect from this San Francisco start up backed by Campbells Soup. Habit Chefs create specially tailored meals that will be delivered straight to consumers doors when it officially launches in 2017

By measuring biomarkers in users’ DNA and blood, as well as compiling their body metrics and health goals, this start-up’s Nutrition Intelligence Engine uses algorithms to create a bespoke nutrition plan according to an individual’s genetic make-up. 

Users receive a home testing kit, which they are guided through with a specially developed app. Once a personalised diet type has been generated, the results are shared via a user-friendly dashboard written in simple, everyday language. 

‘We’re at the beginning of a new era in nutrition – personalised nutrition, based on science, enabled by big data and computational mathematics that will change the way we eat for ever,’ Leroy Hood, co-founder of the Institute for Systems Biology and Habit science adviser, told Ingredient Network.